Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weird dreams: Part 3 - "Star Wars and another I don't know how to call it"

Ok, last night I dreamt that I auditioned for a character in a new Star Wars video game... And I got it! The character's name was Kitty and she has a Russian accent. My costume was awesome and so was the paint and make-up! Wheeeeeeww!!!!

So it was a really cool dream... but not all my dreams are like that. I had another dream that, first of all, let me just say that the dream was really weird not only for what I'm about to tell and describe, but because I was like Ranma 1/2 (I was a man at the beginning of the dream, and then a woman at the end). Also, if you aren't really good with blood and stuff, then you probably shouldn't read it... AT ALL!!! (and for the same reason I'm not going to draw anything today... sorry!!!)

So, I (as a man) was in a whole underground, one of those tunnels that go all the way from a safehouse to another place and so on.
I was crawling my way to somewhere, and I see a frame that's hung on one of the walls (HOW on earth do you hang a frame on soil? no idea, but it was there). I take it down, and open it, and I find a map hidden in the inside.

I go back and crawl back to surface, and I head towards a restaurant that was in the desert. Apparently, THAT was our "secret hide-out" (also, apparently we were part of a kind of Colombian FBI or something). So I head towards the backroom (you know, where the high shots are usually playing cards or something), and there's my boss and his wing man. I give them the frame and map, and turns out the map had the secret location for all the crops of the bad guys.
We also find a watch on one of the corners of the frame, so my boss takes it and gives it to me. He tells me to try it on to see how it looks (yeah, REAL smart! wear the evidence of an important case JUST to see how it frikin' looks on you), but he was my boss, so I went along (and I'm a woman now).

Then, as we are talking about deciding where to start with the map, a music (and kinda gay music too) begins to play on the watch (like if it was your phone's alarm or something), and I try to make it stop, but it won't.

And then... it hit us... IT WAS A TRACKING DEVICE!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!!
So I take it off very quickly and throw it away, as we head towards the front of the restaurant, asking all the guards if they've seen anyone lurking around. And then, LOTS AND LOTS OF MEN jump through the windows and start punching people (our FBI people) around.
Then they start checking for the mark of the watch on people's wrists (apparently they have super senses to see who wore the watch).
They grab a woman standing beside me, and they go like "oh, THIS is her! she wore it!". And then I go like "NO! Leave her alone! It was ME!!! I wore it!!!" (always trying to be a hero).

So they throw her away and then grab me. They hold my wrist and put it on a table. Then I see a guy with a butcher knife heading towards me, and I think "this is it... I am soooo dead".
So they hold me down, while making my hand still on the table. The guy with the butcher knife finally comes up and says something stupid and cliché like "prepare to die" or something like that.
And......... HE CUTS MY HAND OFF!!!! HE FRIKIN' CUTS MY HAND OFF!!!! I'm in pain, and crying, and screaming, and then I realize he didn't do his freaking job right!!! My hand was still partially clinging on!!!!! THE PAAAAIN!!!! So, by now, I am just asking him to finish the job, to cut it right, and he starts chopping it off like when you slice a tomato, that you swing the knife back and forth... but this wasn't a tomato... IT WAS MY HAAAAND!!!!
He FINALLY finishes, and all the blood starts coming out, spraying people around like a bad japanese movie. So now I'm asking for mercy: cauterize my arm, PLEAAASE!!!!

And then I woke up... Fun dream, huh? ;(

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