Thursday, June 9, 2011

The one about the worst feeling ever: cardboard

One of the weird things about me (other than ADHD and OCD) is that I get annoyed or scared of things that I really shouldn't.

Take cardboard boxes for example. Just writing the word "cardboard" gives me the chills... LITERALLY. I'm not saying it like "oh, yeah, I don't like cardboard or all the cool stuff you can do with it" because cardboard is actually pretty awesome and you can really make A LOT of things out of it (or with it).

You use them to pack old stuff, or when you're moving, or when you want to put some stuff away for the season, or when you just bought a small dog and you haven't got the time to buy a bed or house for your new pet so you just put newspapers and VOILĂ€: a brand new house for your pet.

And THAT'S why I hate cardboards the most. Because I CAN'T FREAKING USE THEM!!
They are actually really cool and useful, but I can't even stand close to them when someone is grabbing one. Why?........ IT GIVES ME THE FUCKING GOOSEBUMPS!!!!

You know how some people get the chills or goosebumps every time someone scratches the blackboard?

Well, I get the SAME feeling every time someone holds/grabs/touches a cardboard.

And the worst part is that it doesn't even have to be on purpose or a strong grasp or something. It can be the slightest touch that will make me flinch.

I hate it!!! I really can't stand it!!! Even thinking and writing about it just now, gives me the chills.

Whenever I've had to move (and I've moved like fourteen times in the past six years), I'd just put all my clothes on the car, just like that... no packing no nothing!

Of course, people would see me and think "Oh, poor girl, she's too poor to buy cardboard boxes. Maybe that's why she's moving, because she's too poor to pay for rent." And then they would always offer to help me out by giving me some of their old cardboard boxes, and I usually don't have any trouble saying "Fuck no! I rather be set on fire and eaten by a unicorn (because they are magical and can eat stuff on fire), and then be pooped out with a rainbow on my forehead (SOOO magical, they wouldn't have to chew me) than hold a cardboard box".

But sometimes, just sometimes (and with MY luck, it's almost every time) a friend will offer his or her help, and then I'm stuck because I can never say "no" to a friend, even if they ask me to take care of their pet who is a veggie and can only live inside because it also happens to have asthma, so no outdoors for it, even thou I live in a really small house with three other people, and it's also a freaking Beethoven (like the movie) who poops the size of my own dog, Chatis, and they don't leave any food or money for me to buy their special and expensive veggie gay-dog food, nor explain how on earth I'm supposed to clean up their mess without a special broom or grenade launcher or poop-disappearing-magic-laser thingy.

I have good self-esteem and all, but I also want people to like me (specially my friends, which is wrong, because if they really are my friends, that means that they already like me), so I hardly ever (never) say "no" to whatever stupid or crazy or mind blowing request they may have.

And THAT gets me stuck with "Thank you so much for offering your help! Bring all the boxes you can and we'll finish even faster!" and then I'll start thinking WHY, OH, WHY DID YOU SAY BRING ALL THE BOXES YOU CAN!?!??! YOU'RE GOING TO DIEEEEEE!!!!

And I never do, but sometimes I wish I did so I wouldn't have to get all annoyed with the feeling of cardboard boxes... it freaking sucks.


  1. HAHAHA SOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!! Love the part of the unicorn!!!!!!!! (cause they are magical and stuff, plus they eat things on fire LOL!) Veryyyyy niceee postttttttttttttt :3
    And noted, never ever give u present of anything in a cardboard box!!! LOL!!

    Thumbs Up Babe!!

  2. thank you!!!! glad you liked it :)

  3. OMG! My sister also hates the feel of cardboard. She says it's like sandpaper to her when she hears someone rubbing or touching cardboard

    1. Really? Wow, I know how she feels! Poor thing ;(

  4. I have the cardboard thing.. It a type of synethesia

  5. Wow, thought I was the only one with the cardboard thing! It's good (although unfortunate) to know that other people have this. I get chills up and down my spine, goosebumps, and sometimes my teeth get involved (sensitive teeth). Same thing happens when im eating grapes and rub my fingers on the stem/vine... My wife's psycology prof said it was most likely associative, so maybe we were all physically/ emotionally scarred by cardboard at some point during our childhood...

  6. but what IS it? I just googled the cardboard thing, lately ive been feeling that way about a lot of things to the touch. I need to know what this actually is.


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