Friday, June 24, 2011

Weird dreams: Part 2 - "Zombies, babies in boxes, Walmart, Dragon Ball"

Most of my weird dreams involve zombies... No idea why. And this one is no exception.

I dreamed that a zombie had bitten my leg, but before my life would come to it's inevitable death and I would reanimate as a zombie, I had a quest to finish (too much Final Fantasy...): I would have to work alongside with another girl who had also been bitten, to try to save some babies that they had left behind in Walmart (nooooo idea why, but we just had to save 'em before we turned into zombies).

So we began our journey into the streets filled with zombies.

For no apparent reason, Walmart had NOT been overflowed with zombies and people were still inside, but the only way in was through the roof. So my new friend and I began to climb the metal stairs, and when we reached the top we cut them loose (with what because they were made of metal? No idea...) so the zombies wouldn't be able to follow.

We went inside, and people were just chilling, shopping, relaxing, like nothing had happened "Apocalypse? What? No! Yo' crazy girl!!!". So we began to walk "normal", like we weren't already bitten by zombies and were just about to turn on them to eat their flesh. And then one of the "How may I help you?" vest guys came up to us and we were like "we're fiiiiine... just looking, 'kay? THANKS!".
We turned around and head towards were they told us the babies would be at: the REFRIGERATORS!

NOW is the time where you just KNOW something is WRONG with my head... Why would there be babies hidden in the Walmart refrigerators during a zombie apocalypse? I have no freaking idea... My mind... It's crazy.... PERIOD.

So, anyways, we head towards the frozen entries, and we spot a suspicious box inside one of the refrigerators. We open the door and then the box and.... DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!!!! It's empty!!! It is freaking EMPTY!!! They lied to us!!!!!!!



*the butterfly represents sanity... 

And then we lose control and we start attacking people 'cause we just turned into zombies and...


My dream stops and then another one begins.

I respawn (still bitten, but not yet turned into one of 'em) but I am outside of Banamex (a bank). Turns out that Banamex was in fact the zombie's headquarters, and a friend of mine says that I should go inside and kill all the zombies and then destroy their base. Why me you ask? Because I had already been bitten and, according to his logic, they wouldn't attack me because I would eventually turn into one of them, and I had already began to smell like them (like that tv show "The Walking Dead", that they would use zombie blood and organs to cover themselves up and smell like 'em so they would be confused and not want to eat them? Yeah, that way!). So he reassured me that I was going to be fine, that I shouldn't worry about being attacked (just worry about turning to a zombie, thou).

Still, I am not convinced and I argue "I can't kill all the zombies!!! It's not like a video game!!! And I don't even have guns!!! What if they all gang bang on me? Huh? What will I do then? HUH?!?!?" and he says (you guys are gonna loooove this part): "That's easy! The best way to attack them is by singing the Dragon Ball theme song. Do you know it?" and then he starts humming the song. Crazy.

So, by no apparent reason, THAT convinces me that I will be fine, and I go inside and start singing the Dragon Ball theme song... And what do know? It works... It freaking works. No zombie attack whatsoever!!!

And then I woke up.



  1. Empty cardboard box!! dun dun dunnn!
    dragonball song ftw

    Epic post!!

  2. LOL I was looking for "why I have zombie dreams" and stumble cross your post.
    I love the art work and nice narration LOL

  3. @NTH Hahahahaha, thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D


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