Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The one where I save a new born Petey Piranha (well, kinda)

I was working on tomorrow's blog, but I just had to post this one up first because of what happened today.... We have a new pet plant!!!!

If you have ever played videogames in your life, I'm sure you've played a Mario Bros game before, and surely you've seen the piranha plants coming from a pipe:

Later on, another type of piranha plant was introduced, and it had legs and somewhat a kind of hair, maybe? I don't know, but it's called Petey Piranha:

Well, those things really do exists in our life, like wild and exotic plants that lay still awaiting their pray, hunting, ready to strike at any moment! Kind of like a ninja, hidden in the darkness, just about to shuriken to death a pirate.
Anyway, turns out that piranha plants (not those exactly, but you get my point) ALSO come from water pipes!!!!

I live in a small house (two semi rooms, one bathroom) with three people, and we all take turns in doing the dishes.
Our house might be small, but the kitchen is what really makes up for the lack of rooms to sleep in: it's really big, with lots of closets and space to cook in, and it also happens to have two sinks joined together.
The thing is, we only use ONE of the sinks to wash the dishes in. The other one has a sink tray where we put all the clean dishes so they can dry off on their own, and we rarely (ok, never) remove it to clean underneath.

Today was my brother's turn to do the dishes, but before he could do them, I would have to clear the area and make room for the new dishes by putting the dry ones back to their places.

So I did...

I was just about to finish, when I dropped a knife below the sink tray, so I picked it up and the knife wasn't the only thing in there.
There was a plant, A PLANT!!!!! Growing from beneath our pipe!!!!!! See?:

I asked my brother if they've dropped some sort of food or something because I couldn't tell what it was at first, until I got closer and took a better look at it.
And to our surprise, it was this tiny cute little bean, growing beneath our sink's pipe!!!

Sure, to some of you, this might look gross and all, but you should see it in person.... it is sooooo adorable!!! We decided to take it out of there, and put it somewhere else, so it could REALLY grow healthy.

So, we grabbed a glass, put down a couple of damped cotton balls, and then placed little John (yeah, I named it John) in his new home :)

THE END!!!!!!!!

P.S.- I'll try to upload another blog tomorrow.

UPDATE: Remember I found little baby John on my water pipe? Well, since we put him in his new home, he's gotten taller!!! Look:

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  1. Yeiiiiiii Little John rules!!!!!!!!!!!! someday it will become a healthy piranha plant and will help chatis agains the horde of bugs she battles at your backyard! LOL!!! :D


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