Monday, June 13, 2011

Weird dreams: Part 1 - "Zombies and Superheroes"

As you may now come to know, I'm not what society considers as "normal". And part of the awesomeness of not being normal, is that you don't have normal dreams.
People dream about their job, about their family and friends, about what they really want, or maybe that they're flying and stuff. But not me.

I usually dream about vampires, and zombies, and aliens, and explosions and weirdness, withOUT watching a horror movie before I go to bed.

Here is one of the weirdest dreams I've had. And no, I don't do sugar, or caffeine, or alcohol or drugs or whatever. These dreams are the work of my "normal" brain, while it's asleep :)

Turns out we were locked in a hotel room with no light. We were about 20 people, a group with the few survivors of the ZOMBIE ATTACK!!!! (Dun dun duuuuun!!!!!!).

And, as a typical movie, you have the old couple, the party dudes, the tough guy, and the lady who's all concerned about everybody.

Suddenly, we hear a knock on our door.
 - Open up! - a woman screams.

We all look at each other thinking "should we open the door or not?", and then the old lady goes on her own and decides to open the door. BIG MISTAKE, MRS OLD LADY!!!! A group of zombies is trying to come in with the woman, and now we're all trying to push the door back.
Then, the tough guy throws away the mattress, and takes the bed platform to put it on the door. Now we're all holding the bed platform against the door, but the zombies seem to be SUPER zombies 'cause they're all strong and we can't take it. So, PANIC!

In that moment, the party dudes find a way out: a storage garage that magically appeared on the other side of the room. BUT, one of us has to stay behind to keep the zombies distracted. So the old man, realizing the huge mistake his wife did, decides to be hero and stay.
Nobody argues and now we're all running towards the magical storage garage.

And suddenly, DUN DUN! The zombies break through the wall and attack our group, but a smaller group makes it out to a hallway, which also appears magically to save us.

So we run all the way to the elevator (power is up again) and we get inside (just four of us now), and then a cheerleader (whaaaaat---?) appears, trying to get into the elevator too, begging us to hold the door for her. So now, I'M the one trying to be hero by clicking the button to leave the door open until she gets inside.

Now, EVERYONE is clicking the button to shut the door!!! *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*. The elevator shuts the door just before the zombies get inside.

We are safe.

 - Now what do we do? - asks our newest party member.

So I click the emergency stop button, and everybody stares at me thinking "WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!?"
And I explain that we should have a plan before we reach the lower level, because, think about it: it is very VERY probable that there are zombies in each floor.

FLASH FORWARD to something else 'cause I really don't remember what happened in between. I think that my dream just pressed the forward button as well.

Now we're opening the elevator's doors with our hands ('cause the power's out again...), and as I had guessed it: ZOMBIES! So we start shooting at them (we got guns now!), and then the zombies bite the cheerleader and another one of the group.

And now it's just three of us: my kid brother, another guy and me.

The three of us run towards a market as we try to figure out what to do if we run into more zombies.
Suddenly, I spot an old refrigerator. I open the door, and it's empty. And my logic is: big refrigerator = metal walls = safe!
But there's not enough room for all three of us (sorry other guy, but my kid brother is more important and I'm too young to die!), so I put my brother inside, and I follow. And then...

IRONMAN!!! Ironman gets there and stops the door.

 - Why are you hidding? I told you I was going to protect you guys! I didn't get paid for nothin'! - says our hero.

So Ironman rescues us, and we go flying with him! *swooooosh*.

But there are still lots of zombies on the area, and Ironman can't shoot them all while flying with two people. And then SPIDERMAN gets here! (And I don't know why, 'cause I really HATE Spiderman...  I'm more of a DC girl... SUPERMAN FTW!!!).

So Ironman hands us over to Spiderman. Ironman turns away from us and bids farewell as he continues to fight the zombies to save the world *epic music please*, and we swing away from all the infected area.



  1. Thriller style HAHAHAAH niceeeeeeeeee!!!!
    Great Post and great dream!!!!!!!!, like i todl u not weird but original!

    Like Like Like!


  2. Well... I must say... tour brain really works on a very special and particular way, knowing that you are a DC girl... Ironman and Spiderman... That should be epic... besides they are not pals... at all.. you know because Tony Stark wants that all heroes shows their identities to the world, and 'cause of that Spiderman... sorry Peter Parker gets really screwed up... and well.. the only comics where I know there is Zombies on Marvel Universe It's called Marvel ZOmbies... So Don't Judge Me... I'm just telling that It's AWESOME!!!! ImI_ LMAO... Actually I Really have a great reading today, thanks for that... :D and Keep doing what you're doing... Someday, someone It's going to talk about it :D.. well beside us your common readers... :p

  3. Aaaawww!!! That was the sweetest thing! Thank you so much!! And I didn't know about Ironman and Spiderman, nor the Marvel Zombies comics... I'll have to start reading on those! :D

    Thanks for all your support!!!!!!


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