Monday, October 10, 2011

Family Reunions

Don't you gremlins love family reunions? Getting together, catching up, exchanging life experiences... It is just lovely.

Except when you're a kid.

When you're a kid and you know that you're going to a family reunion, you get excited because you think that you'll be able to play with your other cousins that live far away. Truth is, you don't; Auntie Prudence wants to say hi to you, and Grandma Jenna wants to hug you and play with your hair.

Family reunions are worse for teenagers. Turns out that the grown-ups are still all over you, but now, NOW they criticize "that weird phase you're in".

Aunt Fionna: Sis, what is up with your daughter? Is she on drugs?
Your Mom: No... She's just going through a phase.
Aunt Bertha: Well, I think you should be careful. Some day she'll end up getting drunk and pregnant, like Martha's daughter.
Your Mom: What? No! She doesn't even have a boyfriend.
Aunt Fionna: What about that weird boy that came over to your house last week?
Your Mom: Oh, he's just her friend.
Aunt Bertha: "He's just her friend"? That's what Martha used to say...

If you thought family reunions were bad, they are even worse for young adults, because not only are they on top of you and criticize you, but now they compare you.

Uncle Joe: So, what are you studying Sofie?
Sofie (your cousin): I'm in med-school.
Uncle Joe: Wow, that is great!
Sofie (your cousin): Yes. I love being able to help people.
Aunt Prudence: I am so proud of you!
Sofie (your cousin): Thanks!
Uncle Joe: And what are you studying [Your Name]?
[Your Name]: Communications.
Aunt Prudence: Oh... ... ... ...
Uncle Joe: ... ... ... And, uhm... ... ... what is that?
Aunt Prudence: It's for being on TV, right?
[Your Name]: Actually, Communication has to do with almost everything these days: TV, radio, film, press, Internet, private organizations, public relations, government campains....
And you can carry on with your explanation, but all they hear is:

Aunt Prudence: Sounds... ... ... interesting.
Uncle Joe: And why didn't you become a doctor like Sofie? You were very smart.
Apparently you became stupid for picking another career.
Sofie (your cousin): Well, that's what [Your Name] likes. We have to respect her decision.
Aunt Prudence: Well, yeah, but for a person to be on TV, one would expect someone more attractive, like you Sofie.
Sofie (your cousin): ... Uhm, thank you, but I don't like the showbiz.
Aunt Prudence: You are so right. Besides, why would you wanna waste your life with that, right?
Aunt Prudence: Not that you (that's YOU) are wasting your time. I mean, you have to follow your heart, right? Not economic success, like Sofie, because she's a doctor.

Yes... They always compare you. This is a graphic of "awesomeness" according to your family members:

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is when a cousin or sibling shows up with their fiance(e) or newly wife/husband, and you just broke up.

Grandma Jenna: Oh, that is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!
Diana (your cousin): Thanks grandma!
[Your Name]: Congratulations Diana! I'm so happy for you!
Diana (your cousin): Aw, thank you!
Aunt Claire: [Your Name], what happened to your boyfriend? I thought you were going to be married by now.
[Your Name]: Yes, well, we broke up.
Aunt Rose: But why did you break up? He was so handsome!
[Your Name]: Well, we wanted different things.
In other words, you wanted to only be with him, and he wanted to be with three other women at the same time.
Grandma Jenna: Oh, honey, nobody's perfect; you have to learn to accept your boyfriend's flaws.
[Your Name]: I know grandma.
Aunt Claire: Besides, he was rich! You never break up with a rich man!
Yeah, just because he's rich and handsome I am going to forget that he cheated on me... twice.
Diana (your cousin): Oh, let her be. True love always comes around, sooner or later.
Aunt Rose: Sooner we hope, because she is not getting any younger...

Yes. Family reunions can be very overwhelming.

Have you guys ever had that kind of experience? I have... LOTS of times...

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  1. Haha yeah family reunions blow.. I had an aunt and my grandma tell me I was an ugly kid growing up... I told them I would so pull the plug on them if they were in the hospital... Haha.. true story...but of course I wouldn't do it... Or would i? Haha

  2. Wow! That was so mean of them to say that to you! Were they kidding? I sure hope so! Sometimes MY family starts making jokes like that to other people, hahaha xD

  3. I wish I could say that they were kidding... But I will admit that I was an oddly looking kid, Haha...

    So your family thought u were a funny looking child as well? Haha this I got to see!!!!

  4. Yeah, family is weird sometimes.... they can really be overwhelming!

    Haha, not "funny looking", but EXTREMELY HYPERACTIVE! I kept annoying people..... A LOT! Jumping around, breaking things, wanting attention... Remember the post about the butter? Imagine things like that, 24/7... I was a mess!

  5. you said your were like that? seems like you still are Haha jk..

    Oh yeah I remember the butter incident, Haha i bet you drove your parents crazy !!! Haha especially when there wasn't any butter for the tortillas!!

  6. Yeah, I still am!

    You bet! That's why I gotta love my parents; they had to put up with me and my craziness xD

  7. Dang I thought I am the only one lol. My bro/sis/restofthefamily used to say that I was switched after birth, -.- cause I have darker skin (racists! LOL)
    Dad: A new motorcycle? wow thats great. how much was it? is it new?
    Me: Yeah, isn't she great! it was xxxxx bucks. nah its a used.
    Dad: wow thats bit expensive for an old motorcycle. Why didnt you get a new one like your brother?
    Me: :facepalm: Its not OLD, its just been used and no! dont compare my Honda to that piece of Chinese shit he rides.

  8. Hahahahahaha! I'm happy to know I'm not the only one that has to go through these kind of things too, hahaha x


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