Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The one with cats vs dogs

So, I was talking with my brother and his girlfriend about what kind of pets are better for people according to age, social status, hobbies and so on.

I honestly prefer dogs, even thou you have to clean up after them and they get sick pretty easily, and you have to give them lots of shots, and give them baths, and buy them all kinds of toys because even the smallest dog will bite off the head of its plushy, and you also have to hide all your stuff like shoelaces and rugs, and paper bags.......... I think I kinda forgot my point.

POINT: Cats... (meh).

Anyway, I digress.

WHY do I prefer dogs? 'Cuz they give you all the love they have, unconditionally and willingly (I know it sounds corny, but it's true). 

POINT: Dogs!

I have a little chihuahua, that -SIDE NOTE: jumps really really high-, and every time I come home from an exhausted day at work, she greets me by jumping really high and letting her head show on the door's window:

Until I finally open the door and she starts running around, trying to get me to play with her. This dog, "Chatis", is not an ordinary dog: she has the body of Pincher, and the head of a Chihuahua. 

So, yes, she looks really weird and people are usually scared of her when they see her because they think she's ugly and retarded or something, when she's not (well, not completely... she just doesn't know how to land after she jumps, so she ends up hitting herself really hard on the floor).

As I was saying above, I prefer dogs because even if you have had a really bad day, they can always find a way to cheer you up (especially if you have a jumping chihuahua/pincher that hits herself really loud and makes you pee a little bit because you are laughing too hard).

POINT: Dogs!!

Unlike dogs, cats only like you when they need something from you, be it food, water or a bed to sleep on.

And that's not the worst part. Turns out that my brother told me that whenever cats cuddle and caress your feet, it's not because they're saying "Oh, I love this human so much! Let's be friends!". What they are really doing is impregnating you with their scent so OTHER cats can smell you and know that YOU'RE their pet!

Not so cute now, huh?
And besides, cats are more the lonely type. They don't need to play with you, or sit beside you on the couch while you watch tv, or welcome you when you get home.

See? Kitties make you cry; call it allergies or hatred, STILL makes you cry.

Cats, again, only need food, water, and time to hunt.

A couple of years ago, we had this cat, whom we didn't even name 'cuz you can't name a cat---

Ok, I'm gonna stop here and say something else because it's another good point of why I prefer dogs over cats.

You can't name a cat, seriously, you can't! It's either "Mittens", "Fluffy", "Mandu" (like Katmandu), "Pussy" (which can lead to inappropriate conversations with your neighbors), or another variation of those names.

With dogs it's way easier, and you can even name them with a human name, 'cuz dogs are more awesome and actually have a personality of their own; so you could try "Steve":




or even "Conan":

Like "Conan the Barbarian"? I think it's an awesome name for a small dog.

POINT: Dogs!!!

So, back to the story, because this blog is getting loooong!

We had this nameless cat, who wanted to show us that he was a hunter and we shouldn't mess with him because he could kills us, just like he did with a poor bird who didn't saw it coming:

With that point well made, I think you will all agree that dogs are better. Because dogs actually kill to protect your house. I can't imagine a poor defenseless bird trying to take us down:

Dogs are smarter, and know what they're doing, like Chatis:

Chatis protects our house from evil cockroaches filled with germs! AAAAND, not only does she kill them, but she also pees on their corpses.

POINT: Dogs!!!!

So, taking all these points, I believe that dogs are better. But don't take my word for it, just look at the score board:
Hands down. 

UPDATE: Ok... I HAVE to give one more point to cats because of this:

It's the new baby cat my dad adopted... It's really cute and cool looking, isn't it?

Here's a video so you can see it's real and not edited: 


  1. Lol... I Actually have no good point for cats... I f'ing Hate them... for the reasons you wrote and also they think they are going to rule the world!... Like in Dogs Vs cats... Lol.... But actually my biggest problem it's that they throw stupid hair balls.. with their stupid hair, and their stupid... smart ass attitude... Stupid Cats... But Yeah I Love dogs! <3

  2. EPIC POST!!!!!!!! loveeeee it!!! soooo funny and totally agree with the scoreeeee!!!! besides chatis technique to get rid of cockroaches is soo bad ass!! Not even the new Mortal Kombat can compare to it LOL!!

    Love u so much babe <3 keep it up!!!!! :D

  3. Epic sis... i need to meet chatis and i can bring Dex with me (yea my dogs name is Dexterity XD) cats FO

  4. Thank you so much guys :D
    And yes, I forgot about the annoying hairballs, eeewwww!!!

  5. well besides actual preferences, studies show that dogs are actually smarter than cats (more neural speed needed for social behavior)(cats are smarter in tasks like hunting) but the same studies show that people who like cats are smarter than people who like dogs..(people with advanced degrees like PhD etc) show a preference for cats and people with bachelor or lower for dogs.

    so subjectivity aside there are the cold hard facts...

  6. Maybe because smarter people don't want to compete with smart dogs ;P

    Just kidding!

    I didn't know about that, so thanks for the info!


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