Monday, July 25, 2011

Chatis: the unusual collector

Do you remember my tiny half chihuahua half pincher dog? Chatis? Yeap, well this is her:

Well, my dog isn't the smartest nor the most usual dog in the world. I love her with all my heart, but I'm not blind. She has the strangest dog body I've seen, and she keeps hitting her head on the floor every time she jumps. Not. Very. Bright.

From the picture above, we can see all the different parts of her body that aren't quite usual for a dog.

Exhibit "A" shows us her non-chihuahua ears. Even thou she is part chihuahua (by her head that is), her ears never fully lift, but quite the opposite.
In fact, they are the ears of Dobby from Harry Potter:

Picture taken from

(It's creepy, I know... But you can see the similarity, right?)

Exhibit "B" shows us a lump on her back. According to the Vet, her column is too long for her body.

(Poor little quasimodo Chatis).
The Vets actually recommended me not to have her "hook-up" with other dogs. They're afraid that her possible puppies might not be "healthy".

Me: "I'm thinking about getting her a boyfriend."
Vet: "No. You don't want to do that."
Me: "Why not?"
Vet: "Well, her spinal column is way too long and crooked."
Me: "But she can still get it going on!"
Vet: "Uhm, yes, well---I-I don't know what kind of dog would be good enough for her."
Me: "Maybe a pincher, or a big chihuahua."
Vet: "Yes, well........... Let me explain things better: even if you get her the most perfect male dog, we can't assure you that the puppies will be okay. She is one of a kind."

"F" you man... She is awesome!

Moving on.

Exhibit "C" shows us her rat tail. It's way too skinny and long. If it weren't covered with hair, I could assure you it was a rats tail. Honestly.

Exhibit "D" highlights her unusually long legs. They are so long, that she has to sit crooked.
Her legs might not be easy on the eyes, but they sure let her jump high enough to steal food from the table. She's like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

Another thing that lets me know that Chatis isn't entirely a normal dog is that she collects stuff. On her house or bed. She COLLECTS.
Cockroaches, tissues, socks, toilet paper, candy wrapping, food, rugs, towels, shirts, even shoes (and just as I am writing this, she took out some banana peels off the trash and took those to her bed).

If it's in her reach, she will collect it. And height isn't a problem for her; I think she considers it as an obstacle course.

I thought "well, maybe she won't be able to have puppies, but she can win in an obstacle course!" So I took her to a dog show.
We were both very excited. She didn't flinch or anything when I gave her her bath. I even put a little bit of perfume AND a pink bow on her back. She looked gorgeous!
I took the papers and filled the registering form with full haste. Then we went inside and took a sit. They called our names and I got up and carried her with me.

Woman: Mariel Garcia and dog Chatis?
Me: Yeap! That's us!
Woman: (looking at Chatis) And uhm... Exactly what kind of breed is your dog?
Me: Chihua--Pincher!
Woman: I'm sorry, but I'm afraid we can't accept her.
Woman: Because she doesn't look like a pincher.
Me: Did I say pincher? I meant chihuahua.
Woman: No, you said pincher.
Me: I sneezed.
Woman: Ma'am, can you please not make this more difficult?
Me: I am not doing anything difficult, and it's "Miss" not "ma'am" please... I'm not your age.
Woman: I'm sorry, but as I told you, your dog can't qualify for the competition.
Me: Why... You-You are a racist! A DOG RACIST!
Woman: Miss, that term doesn't even exist.
Me: Yes it DOES! And you're a hater too! She is crippled! Did you know that? Look at her back! LOOK AT HER BACK! SHE CAN'T HAVE BABIES! All she has left is jumping! JUMPING IN AN OBSTACLE COURSE! And YOU want to take that away from her! You MEAN, MEAN WOMAN! How can you be working in a place like this if you clearly hate dogs? Huh? How? HOW!?

And then I was banned from that dog show for life...

No Vet can tell me exactly what kind of dog Chatis is. They look at her and their minds go blank. They love her thou, 'cause she is really really nice: she doesn't act all possessive as other chihuahuas do. But still... My poor little Chatis is weird and not fully accepted in society.

She's crazy too. She's afraid of leaving her house, even if it's for cleaning.

So, between her phobia to leave her house and my OCD, it's a tough match to win.

One time, I saw the entrance of her tiny house filled with stuff. There was no way in, no way out for her. She was stuck inside her house, but she refused to let go of the stuff. Why she does this, I have no idea.

I do have a theory thou: she is part bear.

She is 2/8 chihuahua, 2/8 pincher, 1/8 bear, 1/8 Dobby, 1/8 rat and 1/8 rabbit ('cause she jumps way to high for any sort of dog).

OH MY GOD! I just realized! She is a chimera! ---A somehow dumb chimera, but still.
What do you guys think? 

Have you guys ever had any pets like her? She is different, yes. But still, very VERY awesome (even if that woman from the dog show disagrees).


  1. Amazing... I Used to have a half Husky and a Half Golden Retriever... Best Dog Ever Had... she was so cute.. charmin and obedient... nothing like my Akita, Sharpei or my Husky... I used to have a lot of dogs... :p damn japanese dogs... they are al weird and not fully original... but they are smart as hell :p

  2. Awesome story for an epic dog,
    improving your drawings a lot too. Keep up

  3. Sebas, a half husky and half golden retriever? OMG! Sounds awesome!!! Do you have any pics of her? And I can guess she really was cute and obedient; both breeds are awesome and loyal and really REALLY smart!

    I remember the Akita!!! Very very cute dog!!!

  4. Actually I Should have some photos of all my dogs... :p just let me check and I'll tag you on FB

  5. DOG RACIST cracked me up lol. although I hate dogs Chatis sounds adorable.
    My friend gave me a baby bird once, it was my best friend! I took care of her(donno if its a girl or boy) like a baby. She couldn't fly for some reason, would hop around the house and chase me. But my friend! evil friend told me she could fly now and tossed her in the air. She just fell to the ground :( died 2 days after.
    I kicked his ass for that.

  6. No way he did that!!! That was so mean xD
    Good for kicking his butt after that, hahahahaa!


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