Thursday, September 1, 2011

My brother, "the coyote trainer", and a cockroach bit me!

Remember how I said that I lived with three other people? Well, one of those is my kid brother, Luis. Living with my kid brother is... well, interesting.

Don't get me wrong, I love him and he is the sweetest kid I know, BUT, we are too different: I sing out loud, he hates loud noises; I want to clean the house during the day, he wants to do it during the night; I like to hug him, he doesn't like being hugged; I want Chatis to live inside the house, he wants her outside of the house; I want to play Mario Party, he hates playing Mario Party (because he always wins... I am sure he cheats, I just know it!).

We disagree on a daily basis on a lot of things. Then again, we can be the best team if we set our minds to it: he cooks, I do the dishes; he calls the landlord to fix the house problems and other repairs, I take care of paying the rent; he plans the list of stuff we need to buy, I drive us to the grocery store; there's a creepy guy outside of our house? Luis takes care of it!

My brother is awesome, I know: he never parties, he's neat and clean, he's super smart and he has really good friends and a caring girlfriend. I really can't complain. But lately... lately we've been having some really strange calls. People keep calling for "Luis, the coyote trainer". WHAT THE F!?!?

Neither one of us has an idea of what that is about. We asked Luis and he doesn't know either, he says it's probably the wrong number.
But, seriously, SERIOUSLY, a "coyote trainer"? REALLY?!?! WHY ON EARTH would someone call a coyote trainer? I don't think there's even a coyote trainer listed in the yellow pages! And even if there were, what are the chances that his name is Luis and his house number would be similar to ours? HUH!?!?


(Okay, I just looked it up and, no, there is no coyote trainer whatsoever. BOOYA!):

My little brother is no coyote trainer (as far as I know). But the calls won't stop! I really can't imagine my little brother trying to train a coyote.

(Hmm... Okay... He just might probably be able to do it.)

Seriously, WHAT is the DEAL with THAT!? A COYOTE TRAINER? REALLY?!?! Augh!!!! I guess we'll never truly now for sure. But, mark my words: if they call again and I pick up the phone, I'm asking! I DON'T CARE!

Anyways, sorry for the lateness of the blog, but I've been working a lot lately! I'm also uploading videos on Youtube, if you guys want to check those out.

And, yes, you are probably wondering about the rest of the title of this blog, "a cockroach bit me"... well, it did! It really happened! HONEST!
I woke up yesterday, and I was just about to leave for work when I spotted a "dead" cockroach upside down. I grabbed some napkins and put them on top of the roach, then proceeded to step on it (yes, I use the napkins so my shoes won't get stained) and then picked it up with another napkin, and STING! The little bastard bit me! IT WASN'T DEAD YET! As if the poison (our house has this awesome poison effect that lasts for the whole year and it kills roaches and ants) and the stepping on wasn't enough! So, I threw it to the floor and stepped on it, again, and again, and again, until I was sure it was completely dead.

I think that if the world really ends in 2012, the only living thing that's gonna make it through are roaches; I have no idea how they manage to survive so easily! But, they always do. Always.


  1. i like ur youtube channel =)

  2. Ask your brother to train a coyote to kill cockroaches. Simple!


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