Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zombie cat! (and update)

I am not kidding! There was a zombie cat outside my house! I saw it just now!

Imagine a little white kitten, now put some dirt on it; now give it rabies; now make a zombie bite it and make it lose a couple of its skin and flesh... now put in some red eyes; and finally, add a creeper face.
There you go! You now have a brief description of Zombie cat.

I tried taking a picture and/or video, but it was too fast and got away every single time (sorry gremlins).
But you can imagine my surprise, at 12:20am, hearing weird noises coming from outside. And I had just been told by my neighbors that there have been a couple of break-ins at the neighborhood.

So first, I turned on the lights. The noise continued. I approached the window, opened the curtain, and nothing. I go back to my seat and continue watching some videos on youtube, and then I hear the noise again, like if someone was moving some paper bags or something.
I immediately grew a pair (forgive my french, but I thought my roommate was asleep and I'd had to become a big strong man to protect our house) and decided to open the window making a loud noise as if to say "I can see you, possible thief! Get out of my property or I'll grow a gun in my hand too!".
And surprise surprise, two cats jump out of our garbage can: a familiar orange cat I nicknamed "el gatito buena onda" (the groovy cat) 'cause he used to sleep on my car's roof and I would always find cigarettes (my roommates' of course), so we started joking around that the cat liked to smoke before he went to bed on the roof; and zombie cat, an ugly, disgusting, creepy little white/gray/flesh ball of fur with murderous red eyes and a purple collar.

Groovy cat escaped with haste, but Zombie cat... he just stood there, looking at me with those red eyes. He stood there for like a minute or so, and then WALKED away; no rush, no haste... nothing! Just walked away...

A few minutes passed and I heard the noise again, so I walked to the window again, and there he was... standing, even CLOSER to the window. Just looking at me, gazing his way into my eyes............CREEPY!
By now, my roommate comes out of his room and asks me what I'm doing. I point out to the zombie cat, and he's like "damn! he's ugly and creepy!" and I'm like "yeah... I think it's a zombie cat".

He opens the door and scares it away. But Zombie cat keeps coming back. So I begin to talk about it on my facebook and twitter, and my friends are like "take a pic or it never happened".

So now it's 1:30am and I still haven't been able to take its picture. Anyways, if I never get the chance to take its picture, just trust me, okay gremlins?
I may or may not try to draw Zombie cat; if I draw a respectively good picture, then I'll definitely put it up... If not, well, then you'll just have to read the previous description from above and imagine that poor kitten.

Anyways, have a good night (or morning, if you don't have ADHD and can sleep early)! Be awesome! And God bless!

UPDATE: Zombie cat is now dead! My neighbor next door found him dying outside of her house, and then it eventually died. 
R.I.P. for ever Zombie cat. Please don't come back to life! Stay dead! Not that I hated you, but you were creepy, and evil looking, and a zombie... so... yeah...


  1. yay zombie cat died

    Ps. Soy David :D

  2. Hey!
    Yes, he died! FINALLY! The world is a safer place now...


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